Sales CRM – Sure Shot Pointer in Automating Your Business

CRM is not just another tracking tool. It’s a great sales tool that has been underestimated for a long time. The benefits of CRM tools –

  • Capture real-time update and manage customer in real-time 
  • Follow up and perform an action on the lead/client 
  • Allows capturing data and process of acquisition. 
  • Keep track of all the communications with lead/client 
  • Build a profitable relationship with the customers 
  • To access the vital information of the client even if disconnected
  • New opportunities, analyse the performance and business metrics and diagnose potential issues
  • CRM helps salespeople easily prepare their weekly and monthly reports for management.
  • Improve market intelligence. 
  • Reduce costs 
  • Manage customer renewals.

Pre-sales CRM Software Includes – This involves the set of activities that are being carried out before the consumer has been acquired.

  • Using customer profiles, we can gather relevant information about the customers including the product preferences. 
  • Segmented marketing  – segmenting the customer profiles based on age, gender, occupation or business potential or location. 
  • Online behaviour –  through retail CRM software to gauge the customer attitudes and behaviour and figure out the most important popular products and customer demographics. 
  • Analysis – Segmenting or identifying your top customers with top frequency, recency and monetary analysis. 
  • Channel partners – Maximise your channel partners performance and manage shared operations.
  • Seamless commerce – Consistent marketing campaigns for maximum exposure across each of them to boost your pre-sales retail. 

Sales CRM Solutions Sales is tough these days. A clear roadmap, supportive ecosystem and sales CRM software can make it easier. It helps you identify sales opportunities and supports the sales efforts to increase the chances of closing the deals. 

The mozility CRM solutions are all in one solution for the sales team that combines CRM, SMS and email marketing automation. Another functionality is auto-responses and text messaging. It also includes all things marketing and sales with a heavy dose of AI.  This gives the sales team the best of all CRM tools. This helps to prospect for new leads and solid email marketing. 

Enterprise Mobility Applications – To access an enterprise mobile application is every onfield person dream. It is essential for stakeholders, business owners and customers to have one. Advantages of enterprise mobile application- 

  • Workflow automation 
  • Staff efficiency increased 
  • Leading the market from its competitors.

Building mobile enterprise apps is difficult and different from mobile apps. Its Benefits are- 

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Helps to increase technician productivity
  • Reduce per day sales outstanding and send invoices to the customers 
  • Increase regulatory compliance.
  • Make better business decisions. 

Sales CRM Software- Builds more customer base with CRM software to convert more leads, engage with the customer and grow their revenue. Transform your business with the world favourite customer relationship management software. Conduct presentations and meetings from CRM. Organise webinars, convert attendees to leads and get webinar reports. Never lose track of the sales and performance metrics. From dedicated mobile apps to blended dashboards.  Collaborated with your team through common feeds. Connect with your customers and reach them across every channel. Telephone, email, live, chat and social media. We can get real-time notifications when customers interact. Find the best time and channel to reach out to the customers.

Pre and Post Sales Software – 

Pre sales – Capture, attract and close. Attract, nurture and manage your leads from multiple locations and lead generation sources in one centralised and simple to use platform. Capture the leads from the campaigns, design multiple campaign sources and evaluate the top campaigns for lead generations. 

Sales – We design workflows and effortlessly track and control your deals to completion. Access powerful reports to make strategic decisions and assess the performance of your team and company. 

Post Sales – Happy customers are the bottom line. A better way to manage your customer complaints, requests and investigations. 

This way the salespeople require CRM – 

  • To have a safe storage space – to safely store their contacts, sales opportunities and activities.
  • Plan and time management like a pro -CRM help build a daily schedule and priorities tasks to make sure customers are not ignored.
  • Activity reports – It helps salespeople to prepare the reports weekly or monthly.
  • Rationalise the sales Moves – It helps to streamline the entire sales cycle which results in closing deals in the sales pipeline. 
  • Save money – Cutting down on admin tasks by reducing and removing the repetitive actions which takes up time.