Integration with third Party CRM

Mozility has a capability to integrate with any existing CRM, with the help of API it can be easily integrated with Mozilty Mobile CRM and sync information on sales reps’s phone. So the benefit of this technique is that it removes the passing information from one place to another automatically without intervention of human, Also there will be no chance of duplicity and can be vise a versa.      

Acquire your customer through Mobile CRM?

On boarding process in the organization is called the Customer Acquisition Process. Acquisition of new customers involves buyers to purchase the product or services. That indicates that the how much business in values they are bringing to their customers. Here Mozility Mobile CRM will help to manage the customer acquisition though app only, at the time of Customer acquisition there will be facility to capture the necessary information about the customer along with KYC document which actually complete the customer acquisition process based on the company policy. For example, any organization wants to create their dealer network so there is the process where organization starts making authorized dealer who actually generate the businesses.

Benefits of instant proposal in Mobile CRM

Making proposal is very important role in mobile CRM which actually create proposal instantly. In current scenario, when customer ask the proposal then most of the time sales reps take at least day or two to prepare the proposal for his customer so might be  conversion chances is very low. So here Mozility Mobile CRM provides the features where sales reps make proposal instantly through his app and immediately he/she can send the proposal his customer.

DSR providing employees productivity and enhancement

Daily sales reporting (DSR) is basically give the insight of overall business related information which basically comes from the sales reps that helps to the manager to know the real productivity of the sales reps also it help to make the transparency between management and employees.

Few basic things that management always expect from the sales reps which is given below:

Who is your customer?

What they want from us?

Daily productivity of sales reps

How much sales he/she generate from the market

For sustenance the market you need the periodically report like weekly, monthly sometimes daily. This will help you to evaluate the sale performance of your team. When you ask to any organization or businessman about ongoing problem related to business which is face, he said sales reps reporting is quite very challenging on day to day basis. It means there is huge manual effort required to manage the daily sales report. Ideally, this problem can be solve through technology which will reduce the administrative effort toward manage the DSR and it gives you the authentic daily sales report in the organize manner. Also enhance the confidence of your team weather they are properly performing or not also based on their activities you can make plan and strategy towards productivity of employees.

Do you want to know more about the Mozility mobile CRM Sales force automation? Please click below mentioned demo link


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