Sales Force Automation

Enterprise Productivity & Automation Solution, which helps the organization to manage its FIELD employees across Sales, Service, survey, data collection, in the organise manner with authentic information.

Employee Attendance, Leave and Distance Travelled

Get real time data on the attendance compliance of your field sales staff. Mozility enables your field sales force to mark their attendance from any location within their designated areas.

  • Geo Authenticated – Employees are allowed to mark their attendance only if they are present in their respective geo-fenced area.
  • Selfie-based attendance – Another way for field sales staff to mark their attendance is by using the live location and selfie-capture functionality.
  • Report on daily / weekly / monthly basis – Field sales report is generated on the basis of attendance and leave data as well as inputs by field sales staff.
  • On-Field Employees Leave Management – Employees are allowed to apply for leaves and reporting managers are allowed to sanction or refuse such leave requests..

Is your field sales staff engaging the targeted customers as planned?

Mozility can be used to capture the distance travelled by your field sales staff, especially the location co-ordinates between one target customer and another


Optimum distance calculation

Get inputs on factors like time taken to travel between target locations or time spent in target locations and much more

Multiple metrics of distance data

Mozility uses other critical metrics such as time per kilometer travelled, time spent with hot or new targets, etc.

Uses superior geo analytics

Ensures ongoing analysis and optimization of target mapping aimed at improving existing achievement levels

Location and data services

Get instant alerts with geo-location and/or data services

Order Management

  • Book the orders through a smart phone instead of traditional style
  • Order taking with previous order history of a client available
  • Order is allotted to the distributor (supply chain network)
  • Order tracking, order history of individual customer
  • Discount features customer wise or itemize level
  • Option to Select UOM
  • Order booking with real time stock
Manage Inventory at Retailer and Distributor level

Manage Inventory at Retailer and Distributor level

  • Managing stock at Super Stockiest, distributor, and retailer Level
  • Stock reconciliation

Scheme & promotion

  • Schemes and Promotions information on mobile.
  • Every Sales reps is updated about the latest schemes anywhere anytime.
  • Management can create new schemes and promotions from web console & push in the market.
TerritoryBeat Planning

Territory/Beat Planning

  • Better productivity without hassle
  • Adopting beat planning control the travel reimbursement by 50 %
  • Better and frequent  interaction with customers
  • Business growth and opportunities are very much high
  • Reporting will much easier and informative.

Digital Catalogue

  • Show off the product catalogue through smart phone
  • Share the catalogue on whatsapp or email. If anyone ask.
Digital Catalogue
Analytic and Dashboard

Analytic and Dashboard

  • Employee dashboard to see their performance at any point of time
  • Analytics for Manager and management