Mobile CRM to manage the Leads

These days, primarily leads is very important role for any types of businesses does not matter its small companies or big companies. Organizations always put the effort to implement multiple processes in their organization to generate the leads for the business so they keep trying to generate the leads from different sources with the help of promotional activities like social media campaigns, BTL activities, cold calling, publishing ads and many more. once the enquires comes they pass on it to concern person for follow up and understand the customer requirements. Concern person can be their Sales head, Sales manager or Sales reps. can be anyone depending upon company to company what hierarchy they follow. When leads come so most of the time this is the responsibility of sales reps to follow up with the customer and understand his requirement and try to convert the lead into business.  So chances of conversion are always a risk. Why?

Can be many reasons for non conversion

  • Basic and foremost reason is that human brain cannot remember all the things in their mind.
  • Unorganized way to manage the leads
  • Don’t know the current status of ongoing follow up with customer conversation.
  • Chances of missed the follow-ups of leads
  • And many more

Generally, what happen in the industries when any enquires comes then it recorded in the database with set of information against leads like customer name, mobile no, email id, and what he is looking for. With all these information pass it on to the sales reps for setup the meeting with the customer to discuss in details.

Increase your businesses with Mozility Mobile CRM  

So, Mozility has features for mobile CRM, which actually help to manage leads along with geo tagged information. That mobile CRM comes under the Sales force automation solution and gives the lots of facilities to manage the lead properly. When any leads comes which generally assign to respective sales reps but you don’t know who is the right sales reps for this leads so here Mozility mobile CRM will give you the facility to check the location of employees and accordingly assign that particular lead to that sales reps and start tracking his ongoing activities against that lead. Sales reps never miss his follow-ups because he feed all activities in Mobile CRM and  it also gives alert and notification on time to time basis and whenever sales reps want to speak to customer then he/she can make call directly from the app because there is phone call is integrated with the app.  This is one kind of feature which we were discussing also lots of things which will help to sales reps during follow-ups with customer like instant making proposal, customer acquisition, enquiry and many more features available. So with the help of this entire available feature system will improve the productivities of employees and customer conversion ratio is also high. Also you can keep your marketing collateral in any format like video, power point, word, etc  on sales reps app which he/she can share when customer ask no need to say to customer to wait will send you shortly. 

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