Bring Entire Sales Force on Same Page

Enterprise Mobility Application transforms organizational silos into a closely knit
network of management and field sales personnel


SMART Technology to Prevent Inefficiency

A mobility application that combines geo-tagging with the complex process of
daily communication, field data collection and reporting


Boost Productivity of Field Sales Team

Share high-precision performance reports with on-field sales, service, survey,
audit or delivery teams to plug gaps in process compliance


Transform Sales Team into Champion Performers

Motivate your field sales personnel to taste success with seamless processes and
precise intelligence to drive deeper market penetration

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Why Mozility

Intuitive Application

Available on Play Store, it takes just 2 minutes to download and install Mozility, an easy-to-use, tried, tested and proven application that helps you manage your sales force much better with SMART technology.


Mozility is a multipurpose enterprise mobility app, which is fully compatible and customizable with other ERP applications. From tracking attendance of sales staff to distance travelled by them and much more.

Real Time

Mozility delivers geo-authenticated data in real time to improve day-to-day communication, field data collection and reporting by on-field sales, service, survey, audit and delivery teams. It helps close gaps in performance.


Mozility is a Cloud-based enterprise mobility application to streamline and improve sales performance

Geo Attendance

No scope of gaps in recording attendance data along with precise count of sales force deployment.

Measure Distance

Precise capture of distance travelled by sales staff results in optimization of their travel-related expenditure.

Daily Activity Report

Field sales staff feed their daily activities in their respective accounts in the application which is accessed by management in real time.

Data and Survey

No need for exclusive data collection exercise as the application captures all operational and field data in real time.

Territory Management

Specific territories that management assigns to field sales personnel needs strict compliance as it sends alerts in case of a breach.

Van Sales Automation

Geo-tagging and geo-fencing functionalities enable easy supervision of van movement from warehouse to customers’ door step.

Geo Attendance

Get real time data on the attendance compliance of your field sales staff. Mozility enables your field sales force to mark their attendance from any location within their designated areas.
  • Geo Authenticated – Employees are allowed to mark their attendance only if they are present in their respective geo-fenced area.
  • Integrated with QR Code – A QR code on a Google spreadsheet can be shared with employees who can then scan the code to mark their attendance.
  • Selfie-based attendance – Another way for field sales staff to mark their attendance is by using the live location and selfie-capture functionality.
  • Report on daily / weekly / monthly basis – Field sales report is generated on the basis of attendance and leave data as well as inputs by field sales staff.
  • On-Field Employees Leave Management – Employees are allowed to apply for leaves and reporting managers are allowed to sanction or refuse such leave requests.

Distance Measurement

Is your field sales staff engaging the targeted customers as planned? Mozility can be used to capture the distance travelled by your field sales staff, especially the location co-ordinates between one target customer and another.
  • Optimum distance calculation – Get inputs on factors like time taken to travel between target locations or time spent in target locations and much more
  • Multiple metrics of distance data – Mozility uses other critical metrics such as time per kilometer travelled, time spent with hot or new targets, etc.
  • Uses superior geo analytics – Ensures ongoing analysis and optimization of target mapping aimed at improving existing achievement levels
  • Location and data services – Get instant alerts when geo-location and/or data services

Daily Activity Report

Mozility ensures total reporting compliance from field sales staff including accurate entry of field activities that are updated at the Admin’s end in real time.
  • Complete monitoring of field sales staff – Availability of real time data on attendance and target engagement gives the Admin a complete bird’s eye view of the field sales staff’s movement
  •  No more paper based record keeping – The massive data storage capacity of Cloud servers with 24 x 7 remote access on mobile phones has eliminated the need for paper-based activity record keeping
  • Field staff can perform more in same time – The close minute by minute monitoring of field sales staff allows the management to drive efficiency and achieve more in less time.
  • Activity authentication via photograph – Every field sales representative is required to authenticate his/her work immediately after completion, with his/her live photograph
  •  No fake activity inputs to management – There is simply no scope for any field sales representative to forge or fake any of his/her activity report in this closely monitored
  • Better measurement of individual performances – With such close monitoring of each and every field sales representative, the management is in a much better position to measure the individual performances

Data, Process, Survey Collection

Mozility app helps in collecting data, process and survey on the move. Do away with paper base data collection system.

  • Digital platform to enter and save data
  • No more need to carry paper registers / sheets / other stationary
  • No delays or broken communication as in paper based system
  • Easy to enter data. Retrieve it back on click of button.
  • Cheap and faster way to share entered data in real time
  • Digitized data can easily be converted to informative reports

Track & Territory Management

Manage and monitor GEO location centric field work via Mozility app.

  • View on-field staff movement in Real time
  • Get distance and location reports
  • Set Beat plan for field work force
  • Get distance deviation report
  • Apply Geo-fencing to make field action admissible
  • Used for travel expense reimbursement

Van Sales Automation

Efficient Van sales management through Mozility. Manage end-to-end activities from warehouse to customer delivery.

  • Reliable and intelligent Van sales system
  • Readily available Beat plan / contact info for delivery
  • Auto updates warehouse inventory
  • Generate invoice on the move
  • Curtail losses due to missed / reject delivery
  • Manage high volumes with optimal resource

Order and Payment collection

Convenient and elegant mobile interface to place order and make payment collect while on field.

  • Order taking made easy
  • Provides Shopping cart like order placement system
  • Simple item selection through categorized menus
  • Allows sales discount per item
  • Integrated mobility solution to generate invoice on field
  • Real time Payment collection data entry

Sales CRM

Mozility Mobile and Web based Crm can capture, record, track & monitor all customer related activities and information.

  • Get real time update & manage customer in real time
  • Can followup and perform action on the lead/ client
  • Allows to capture data and complete the process of acquisition
  • Keep track of all the communication with lead/ client in pocket
  • App notify about the meeting and schedule

Product Promoters

Increase your return from Promoters Deployment

Mozility Helps you run promoter program from ensuring the presence  in store.  Promoters to ensuring of sales process that increase the business

Task Management

Organize, schedule, paln and analyze projects with a task-driven approach to streamline collaboration across your organization  and uplift your business.  Use time sheets to track time spent on projects

Project Operation and scheduling

  • Create Project and their End time line
  • Under the project we can assign the details of the project
  • View, manage & prioritize work in personal and team task lists.
  • Define subtasks and task dependencies across projects.
  • Timesheet can be used to track actual hours worked.  It can be used for multiple purposes like work order operation, billable work to customer etc.
  • Track task and project status with one-click reporting.
  • Create task assignments in multiple places and their allocation on the basis of projects




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