Our Indian base support and development team via our help desk are available to handle any of your questions, Check out this list of FAQ’s and Training video first though as it may just have the quick answer or solutions that you’re after, if you’re still having any trouble, fell free to contact the mozility team.

The Mozility App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Firstly it needs an account id and password that the customer’s administrator will provide. Secondly it need project packages to customize the app with map and business logic, these will be dispatched from mozility on the desktop.

All data transfers and encrypted and can only be accessed by devices that have been activated through your Account id supplied by your administrator. Those devices will only see data that has been specifically packaged for them. At any time the administrator can remove data package remotely form a device or remotely de activate the device secondly data is transferred through https protocol.

Yes of course that’s one of mozility features, whether connected, sometime connected or disconnected operational modes are fully supported.

Only Mozility app installation in your mobile.