Geo Attendance – Now mark your visibility anywhere with the mobility Geo-based attendance feature.

Tracking employee attendance is considered very important in the organisation. Management of employee attendance had gone several changes. It had emerged from physical punching to card-based swiping and fingerprint scanning in recent times. Now the geo attendance is the need of the day. 

Employee attendance tracking enabled benefits to both employees and employers if handled properly. Here are some benefits which are important –

  • Managers can identify potential attendance issues.
  • Employers and employees can embrace working remotely. 
  • Attendance tracking ensures that the employees are paid in full and on time. 
  • Boost employee morale and productivity

Vas automation software is enabled with the feature geo attendance system which helps an organisation to trace the field sales personal location. This helps the organisation to track the employee location and can track the entries with the location covered by the field personnel. 

The geo software enables all user-related activities to be performed using a smart app. Using this app, an employee can mark their attendance from anywhere. Verify the daily tasks assigned to them, complete their mandatory tasks. Through the geo attendance app, we make sure the employees reach their workplaces on time.  It assists the staff and management of the organisation to conduct their business in the most efficient method. With the use of methods like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the employee can capture the current traffic conditions, employee preferred mode of travel. Location-based attendance system gives info like employee journey time and login time etc. This is possible through geo attendance software. Let’s understand this with an example- Here Mr X is travelling from Point A to B. The software gives the data analytics of Mr X journey time when he started from home, time taken to reach from point A to Point B, login time. So if Mr A has to reach the customer location, the software analyses the traffic and give alerts to both- employer that due to current traffic condition, Mr X will reach by 8:45 and to Mr X as well.

To remove dependency on registers for marking the attendance, an employee can mark their attendance on software which can be tracked by the employer.  Geo-based Attendance System helps to give a single mobile interface for employees to register themselves using facial recognition. So now Mr X can-

  • Daily login time alerts
  • Go fence( location ) 
  • Auto prompt for facial recognition
  • Face match mark attendance automatically. 
  • Schedules tasks are listed in the app
  • The mandatory itinerary shared with staff 
  • Check-in and check-out allowed at different locations. 

Through an employee tracking system, we can track its activities. 

  • Inspecting  Mr. X who have checked in while on the field
  • Get alerts on the Gps location of Mr. X
  • Calculate the total mileage from travel check-in to check out
  • Get a route map I.e start and destination along with the actual GPS route map for each checked-in employee.
  • View attached documents like invoices, payment receipts, cheques, etc along with time stamps. 
  • Accurate real-time attendance data available to the company at any time. 
  • Mr. X cannot log incorrect hours 
  • Travel mileage logs available in their MIS. 

This helps the employer to know the details about the on the field employee. This location based management system enables the organisation to have complete control of all the employees working hours. It helps to control labour costs by reducing overpayments. Manual processes are also eliminated as good staff is needed to maintain them. The location of the employee can be determined by GPS. 

Geo attendance system help to simplify the process of attendance tracking in an organisation. The software tracks the location of an employee where the employee is present in the designated area. Attendance is marked. So simple. Isn’t it? No infrastructure is  required for this technology. An employee can install the application on the employee’s smartphone and one attendance is marked. It is most useful in most remote locations. Customisation is possible. Easy integration with other modules is possible. It can be integrated with the payroll and leave modules of an organisation. Employees can send a request for the leaves through this geo attendance system and the employer can accept. 

So, in totality geo-fencing technique helps the organisation to track the employee’s attendance easily, reducing redundant tasks of keeping attendance files. This also reduces costs, leads to efficiency, increase in productivity and leads to a smooth process of payroll management. This is a win – win situation for both employees and the organisation.