Sales Force Automation is the Key to Survive in a Competitive Market

Managing a sales team has always been an extremely challenging task and continues to be so even to this day. Thankfully, sales heads today have a solution in their hands called sales force automation software. This is an application with multi-device integration across mobiles, desktops, servers and even on Cloud. Every member of the sales team is required to download this application on his or her mobile phone and keep it on for the specific period of time corresponding to their working hours or as specified by the team management. This ensures that all members of the sales team are on the same platform and are aware of their responsibilities as well as operational guidelines.

Bring the entire sales team on one page

When the sales head is aware of the roles, responsibilities and tasks of every member of the sales team as well as how they are performing on a daily basis, it becomes a lot easier to manage the team effectively and get the desired results from them. Right from the sales manager and the assistant sales manager, to the field sales supervisor and the sales representatives, everyone is on the same sales force automation platform. The sales team often interacts closely with the customer support team as well as the servicing personnel.

Monitor field activity of sales staff better

Before sales force automation apps appeared in the market, the biggest challenge for a sales head used to be ascertaining the accuracy of field sales reports. From false claims of having visited clients to false claims of travel allowance and remote attendance, there are many issues that can result in poor performance of the sales team that the earlier managements could not tackle. Not anymore – today, all these activities can be monitored in real time via SFA app that can set strict compliance about app activation for specific working hours.

Get sales staff to focus more on selling 

In sales oranisations that operate without sales force automation software, more than two-thirds of the sales representatives’ time is spent on activities that do not relate to sales or revenue generation. These unproductive activities cover certain administrative functions, research for leads and regular team meetings among others. Almost all or most of these activities can be automated with sales force automation software, which can ensure that the time and efforts of the sales representatives is not wasted in unproductive activities.


Sales force automation software is now increasingly being used by businesses to help their sales teams utilize their time and efforts more effectively and perform better. The main issues related to poor performance is usually non-compliance with laid down guidelines. In the absence of proper monitoring, not just sales representatives but many workers from different other verticals are also likely to skip compliance with the regulations guiding their operations. There can be no better solution than SFA to remotely monitor the sales staff right from their daily attendance to the total distance covered in the field as well as operating only in the assigned areas. Different other regulations can be added, modified or removed as required. Mozility is a specialized Cloud-based enterprise mobility application that is designed to get the best out your sales team.