Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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Customizing Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Applications have become more critical than we can imagine. What Mozility does is, it optimizes the process which we want as an end result and in doing so it enhances the Applications used, Operational Excellence, Devices, User-interface and Security. We use not only our pool of wide knowledge in this field but also focus on how best our business partners can take advantage on our technology which is our hallmark of our commitment. For our customers using in-house developed systems or systems which are too customized, we conduct system audits and health checks. By assessing the gaps between your growing business needs and existing solution capabilities, we offer a suitable switchover or up gradation plan.

Enterprise Mobility Applications Are Forever

As per the one of the surveys done, nearly 80 percent of the employees are not able to perform their job without mobile phones. So, we found the right solution for them with more proficient operation and to accelerate innovations.

At Mozility we see every requirement as a different requirement and ensure every Enterprise receives a customized solution. Our support system focuses on Continuous Integration of various processes that enhances the code quality and maintains the consistency in functionality across various cross platforms. As a leader in EMA (Enterprise Mobility Applications ) we deliver technologies to analyze, design, integrate and implement the systems before the launch. Once Mozility begins to perform, the results  will itself speak volumes and yo would be surprised by the optimal performance in using the graphics for the better interface.

Growth in this segment of enterprise mobility application can be attributed to growing internet and Smartphone penetration. Furthermore the demand for increasing the workforce productivity and cloud workspace along with consumerization of IT are other major factors anticipated to propel every business enterprise in mobility management market.

At Mozility Mobility Applications Service, we cater various tools to improve security, boost productivity, as the employees gain the ability to work offsite, from home, or during their commute / travel. Studies conducted have shown that the employee productivity can improve as high as 23%. To put this simple words, Cost Reduction, something that every Business Enterprise looks forward and struggles to do.

Furthermore, Mozility helps to make Informed Decision Faster. This means that the employees would be able to access Risks and Benefits in making decision, faster and with more precision. To add more value in terms of retaining the employees, this will also help in improving Employee Retention. With less stress, employees can focus on tasks and improve productivity. These changes can result in better work-life balance. Looking out for your employees can build a stronger team and company culture. This can lead to an increase in employee satisfaction and retention. Once an organisation has these, needless to say, the revenue improves.