Mozility CMMS Work Order Management

Mozility CMMS work order management software creates an efficient workflow that simplifies every step of the way from creation to the solution. With the availability of a web portal, anyone who has access can view the work order details and the progress related to its different stages related to the operations and maintenance department. Simply one has to scan the QR code attached with the asset to see the info details and work order details of the asset. One can seamlessly generate new work orders, and track their progress in stages. The data saved during the creation of the work order and added in the later stages is saved securely in the cloud. Notification for every collaborator during each stage change, and live secured communication thread for the later stages during the analysis in real-time is the key feature of the mozility CMMS.

For maintaining the healthiness of the assets if the data is to be recorded on an hourly basis, then with a single click on the app, it can be done in the quickest of the time in Mozility CMMS. The complete report can be downloaded from the web portal in a customized report format.

The alerts related to the observations activities can lead to the work order creation if it can’t be resolved within the course of daily activities within the team. The spark observed from the alert, when added in the form of the work order in the Mozility CMMS, then the concerned departments get a notification alert related to the creation of work orders and further when any activity happens regarding the work order, then each action is notified to each and every concerned member of the team.

The complete activity revolving around the asset can be viewed from a simplified and customizable dashboard from anywhere. The activities will be daily, weekly, or monthly in the form of observations during the course of daily operational activity, and based on that the running status of the asset is to be varied from “Running” to “Shutdown” or “Overhaul” etc. Even the hourly data monitoring in the form of log sheets also includes the dashboard and their feed details. The work order status and their stages can be viewed from the dashboard and the analysis related to the cost of any asset and the life can be easier in terms of growth from the Mozility CMMS dashboard.