Falcon Global has an exciting story to be shared; a remarkable and inspiring business success story. The company had a humble beginning as a food trading company back in 1981 Mr. M.M. Moidunny, the founder of the company, envisioned the massive demand for food supplies, especially with regards to the developmental strides experienced in the region, which attracted the influx of visitors to the United Arab Emirates.
He initially established Falcon Foodstuff a company that took care of the culinary needs of the expatriates in the United Arab Emirates and ensured that visitors received food options that are better than what is offered in their home countries.
The effect of diversification saw the introduction of new product ranges such as dry foods, frozen foods, canned foods, beverages, plastics and disposables, foot wears and other high demand products.
The Company has since grown into one of the United Arab Emirates’ leading group with successful businesses in various industries in different markets serving to thousands of customers every day.
We are the sole distributors of around 40 brands across the globe. Our FMCG Division started in 1996 for the distribution of frozen, dry and non-food products. Today the Division manages its direct distribution network covering entire UAE,
KSA (Riyadh & Dammam), Oman and Qatar with more than 30 brands. We provide personalized service to the region’s leading hypermarkets, supermarket chains, groceries, convenience stores, offices and HORECA. Our extensive and efficient distribution network and technology enables us to function at a level that meets the expectations of current markets. We continuously innovate our processes to ensure optimal availability and accurate With strong supplier relationships, skillful brand management and an efficient fleet management team with more than 150 vehicles, we ensure prompt and continuous delivery of goods to a wide range of consumers.
Our Variety of product line includes:-
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen food
  • Dry food
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Household and stationary

Business Challenges

  • Everyday sales teams go to market and take the order on paper
  • For processing the order they go back to office and enter the order in to ERP System
    and generate the sales order for delivery
  • No order tracking system in place in to the system
  • Sales return process is very cumbersome.
  • There is no real time update of any order
  • No visibility of 150 vehicles
  • No visibility of sales person who go to the market on daily basis
  • Payment against sold items was also very challenging for the organization.
  • Stock availability is also very big challenge to manage the stock


Implemented the Mozility VAN Sales Automation Module in Falcon in 2017 Initially we deployed on 5 vehicles but after successful implementation we deployed on rest of the vehicles. So the following features have been deployed:
  • Minimize the manual intervention
  • Optimized customer satisfaction by order to delivery
  • Real time customer on boarding process
  • Sales Order booking and bill generation on tablet at customer place
  • Real time Stock loading and unloading and updated in ERP
  • Automate Sales Return process
  • Geo based attendance along with real time movement tracking of vehicles