SUPREME INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a pioneer in the field of plastic technology because of being the frontrunner in innovations and improvisation. With a wide range of consumer products, our focus always revolves around the consumer requirements, quality and cost effectiveness and most importantly, their satisfaction.

Business Challenges

Like every business enterprise, we did not become a leader without any challenges, but we overcame all of them with the prime focus on the efficiency of our activities. When we deal manually with a large sales force, it becomes somewhat a challenge to monitor their records for quantity, location, quality of sales, how to justify their time and motion vis a vis their output. 

How We Found Solution

We found our business partner Mozility to automate our area of opportunity. Once the automation took place, facilitating the sales force, manpower on production floor, real time monitoring of data, became a reality. Mozility did not only provide automated solutions, but it also gave us an edge over the competition in terms of output and quality. With the integration features such as Geo-Attendance, Data Collection, Order Management, and Sales CRM and so on, we can now focus more on diversification and expansion.