Performance Enhancement

Defined target based on following points to achieve performance:

  • Sales planning & their tracking on periodic basis through Mozility.
  • Mozility CRM help to manage the leads, contacts and sales opportunities in the sales process
  • Manage sales process
  • Create the leads their follow-ups and set reminders to keep you up to date
  • Based on your conversation with customers feed in to the Mozility App follow-ups so that you cannot lose the customer.
  • Sales analytic gives you the accurate figure where you can measure all aspects of yourself.


    • Based on activities which are done by users, start doing periodically or one to one meeting to keep user up to the mark in term of accountability.
    • Schedule meeting more often and regularly


  • Based on defining the stage of sales life cycle and analysis on the data available on each stage and take an action accordingly.
  • Mozility Web dashboard gives the real time analytics of individual to keep up to date.
  • Daily Performance improvement analytics mail received to individual and management both.