Data Collection

Data collection is the system to collect any kind of data from the field like sales, service and survey etc. here we talk about the data collection in respective area which help to digitize the data which is related to business need.


  • Data Collection from mobile phone
  • Real time visibility of employees and activities
  • Reduce Reporting time to optimize and increase efficiency
  • Digital data collection in various forms
  • Order taking and order allotment in real time

Survey Data Collection (Survey Collection Digitization & Visualization)

  • Create Processes and Surveys dynamically
  • Real-time visibility of surveyors on the ground
  • Geo-tagged surveys on the map
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Export in various forms

   Geo-tagged Survey Collection Workflow

  • Data collection process with survey forms are created
  • Managers have visibility of all the surveys allotted to them
  • Managers allot surveys to surveyors on the ground
  • New Client Group is created for the survey
  • Survey is collected on Mobile/Tablet in various data forms/media
  • Survey data is synced to the server with visualization
mobile data collection